Good Plants for South Florida

James on Instagram asks about good plants for South Florida:   “Hey Mr Good, I’ve been watching a lot of your YouTube videos and I really enjoy watching them and learn a lot. I live in south Florida and I was wondering if you had and spare tips or type of plants I should get and experiment with. I want […]

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Why we homeschool, reason #1859403: “Scotts Miracle-Gro has been forced to start training classes to remind frustrated millennials, who can’t seem to keep their flowers […]

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I may have it!

I shared some of my pumpkin seeds with a neighbor. Today he brought me this: Second generation pumpkin. I really like this look! #plantbreeding #pumpkin […]


Mud Bricks

This guy… His videos really give you an idea how much work went into creating simple items before the advent of modern tools and manufacturing. […]

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