Over 30 Perennials in a Small Garden


This is an inspiring garden from One Yard Revolution:

Though there is a smaller selection of perennial vegetables available in colder zones, their zone 5 garden has a nice array.

I believe having a smaller garden makes you think creatively. When you have a ton of space, you can get lazy with planning and the weeds are more likely to crop up in the less trafficked areas.

Sometimes I’ve wished I was constrained to a tiny space, just so I could maximize it and see how much I could grow under severe space restraints. One of these days I might deliberately make a small walled garden just as a test area.

If you dig perennial vegetables, check out last week’s book of the week – it will be right up your alley.

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  • Excellent choice for last weeks book, I just received mine from Amazon last Thursday. Can’t put it down, except to order seeds! Let the experiments begin.

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