8 Ways to Use Fallen Trees after a Hurricane


I hit the local resort yesterday and took a little time to record a video sharing my ideas on using trees felled by hurricanes – I think you’ll enjoy it:

No, I haven’t given up YouTube yet!

I have been spending a lot of time writing, though, in lieu of making intensively edited videos. Turned Earth: A Jack Broccoli Novel isn’t going to write itself. I should hit the 40,000 word mark today. Jack has just discovered he has powers beyond that of your average gardener – but will he be able to use those powers for good?

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  • A few yrs back, I got several truck loads of tree chippings from power company, Great I thought. Few months later, I was breeding the most gigantic roaches in there (yuck!!!) Then I got the MOST stinky mushrooms you could image growing in there (baby diaper stinky!!) No thanks to wood chippings for me

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