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Yesterday Allen the Beekeeper invited my friend Donna and I to his place to help do a hive check and learn about bees.

We also installed a new hive at my place, which is quite exciting.

at the end of the beekeeping lesson, we got bees!

At the end of the beekeeping lesson, we got bees!

Those are in the backyard now – I’m looking forward to higher yields on my squash and other bee-pollinated vegetables.

While I was with Allen he let me do some recording, so here’s a free beekeeping lesson from one of the most knowledgeable folks I know:

He covers how to check if a queen is laying, what to do with hive beetles, shows how he joined a feral colony into a brood box and more. Really cool stuff and fascinating if you love bees and want to keep some honey bees in your backyard.

Thanks, Allen.

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  • I have been considering bees. How would I mow or perform yard work without being attacked or disrupting homes? Nick

    • They're very peaceful except when there is power equipment near their hives. They don't seem to like the exhaust/vibrations. Otherwise you can walk right up to the box and put your hand on it and they'll usually totally leave you alone. I would put your box in a place where you don't need to mow. Full sun, on top of some concrete pavers or something.

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