Beautiful Moringa Trees


Karl has been having excellent success with his moringa trees.

Last week he sent me some great pictures.

First, look at these huge pods:

moringa trees pods

And what do you do when your moringa tree makes lots of pods? Why, save the seeds and plant more moringa of course:


And man, they are really making pods:


Even if you aren’t trying to plant them on purpose, moringas have a way of growing themselves:


I had the same thing happen with some moringa I cut back here in the tropics. The tree had some pods on it but was shading the garden. I chopped it back severely, but in doing so, some of the pods shattered.

A few weeks later, I started finding seedlings scattered around my garden beds.

Why Grow Moringa Trees?

Moringa is a good food, a good medicine and even a good fertilizer.

I wouldn’t be without this tree. we put the leaves in soups, in scrambled eggs and even in spaghetti sauce. They’re loaded with nutrition. Though in India, the young green pods are eaten regularly, most of my trees have failed to bear enough to make that worthwhile. So, leaves it is.

Moringa trees are easy to propagate from seeds or cuttings. They have very week wood and can be chopped and dropped to feed the soil in food forests. I also use the leaves in my liquid teas, treating moringa much the way permaculture enthusiasts up north treat comfrey – as a cut and come again perennial that feeds the soil as it decays. Comfrew never did well for me in Florida but moringa did great. I’m not sure how comfrey would perform here in the tropics, but I’m sure moringa would have it beaten here as well.

You can read more on germinating moringa seeds here.

And check out my survival plant profile here.

And, of course, I cover moringa trees in my book Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening.

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  • Hey David. I want to get some moringa seeds or small saplings now. Could you get me in touch with Karl? Where does he live?

    • I am in Fort Lauderdale and having 2-3 pods now on my tree, I could send you some seeds if you want.

      • Hi, I am in Brevard county, 2 hrs north of you. I can pay for shipping. Thanks for the offer, my email is droll man 3000@ Yahoo .com (no spaces).

    • Davis, I live in Naples Florida. And you are where?


      • Hi Karl, I am in Brevard county, fl. Contact me at droll man 3000 @ Yahoo .com (no spaces). I can pay for shipping thanks for the offer!

        • I’m in Volusia. I have about 30 young trees for both the family and the rabbits I’m raising (that reminds me I have to go feed them now). I bought seed from Paisley Farm & Craft (it was either Amazon or eBay). I had good luck with them and they’re probably the easiest route for seed.

          For live plants you’ve gotta check out this place I found in Deland …David would have loved this place if he hadn’t evacuated the states in such a hurry! ; – )

          Grower Jim is my favorite source for local stuff. Email him and ask what he has in the way of live plants. You’re fortunate enough to be within driving distance. He has moringas.

          …now I’m off to feed those rabbits, good luck!

        • Davis, sorry I didn’t see your reply until last night. I gave away some seeds Saturday at a garden class, but I have more in a pod. I’ll send you an Email for your address.


    • My newspaper headline in Tampa reads – “Avoid planting the popular, but invasive Moringa Tree” Unfortunately, it’s an invasive exotic plant that should not be planted in Florida. It has nutritional value but the risk to our environment is too great.

  • My comfrey is still doing well. I have chopped and dropped a few times, and it grows back very quickly. It will see it’s first August and September this year, and I think that will tell me if I can treat it as a perennial or not. I think my location might be a factor, as the gulf gives me a milder winter, but also a milder summer than the central part of Florida. We will see. Have a good one Dave.

  • I also struggle with comfrey here in the Australian subtropics. Just can’t keep the water up to it in the heat of summer. Moringa goes great though 🙂

  • Could you spare a couple of mornings seeds? I’m definitely in the tropics. I live on the rainy side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Thanks in advance. Aloha, Robert

  • Now that it is raining, my moringa plants are doing well. I have a bean plant growing one one of them. Using the moringa as support for the bean. Two of my stinking toe seeds germinated. Have to give one to my cousin.
    May your thumbs be always green and wet.

  • Smt. Renu S. Malhotra

    Greetings from Renu in Central Florida! I am now in Florida from Nov. first to May First.
    Would like to grow Moringa trees in our retirement place.
    Kindly, send information where to buy a plant and how to grow outside as well as indoors.
    Thank you,

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