The Blessing of Chicks

We have some little Easter babies in the hen house right now.


I posted this video on Thursday, showing the first two chicks that hatched:

Then yesterday one of the children ran into the house and announced we had two more chicks! Those were hatched by the third hen who was still sitting in the video. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find a few more today, as I think she had more eggs beneath her.

I will post another video and more pictures soon.

Watching the hens raise chicks is wonderful. We never had luck with our hens in the US. They didn’t like to sit, unfortunately. Or they would sit for a while, then abandon their nests. I think this is in part due to the hatchery/incubator model of raising birds. No mom in the picture, so the proper cycle of raising young is broken. These jungle birds are great foragers and good mothers – I’m enjoying them.

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  • Do you think it has been bred out of them? Perhaps in the States it is not so necessary, I for one live in the city limits and am not allow to keep a rooster. Not that this “necessity”is a good thing, as it would be hard to be self sufficient without a rooster to do what he does best, fighting and ……..

    • I think they’ve lost the connection, yeah. Some people have good luck but I never did until we got these wilder birds.

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