Borrowing Net!


I’m out at the local resort today, borrowing the internet and getting work done.

The situation with our internet has been endlessly frustrating. I’ve offered to pay for running a new line a mile up our road so the system can be modernized, yet no one ever gets back to me. “That sounds good,” I’ll hear, “we’ll call you!”

And they never do.

You know how bad monopolies can be. Now imagine a monopoly that operates out of a different country and has no local number you can call. That’s what we’re stuck with. They simply don’t care if your service is terrible. They’ll kick the can, tell you different things from week-to-week, apologize and give you a credit, then turn around and cut off your service for non-payment despite supposedly giving you a credit – it’s amazing. Absolutely abysmal.

I’ll work around it, though. Just part of life.

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