Christmas Shopping – Survival Gardener Books and T-Shirts!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – is there a gardener in your life that could use some encouragement and ideas?

For the gardener who wishes they lived in a tropical paradise but just can’t make the move, help them push the zone!


Peaches in New York? Coffee in Georgia? Learn proven techniques along with great experiments that will get you growing delicious tropical species far from their “natural” range. Get a copy of Push the Zone!

Perhaps you know someone who’s digging a bunker and preparing for America to collapse in civil war? Well then, we also have a book for him!

Grow_Or_Die_Cover_WebFrom finding planting material after a crash to converting a lawn into a food production factory, Grow or Die teaches you to survival garden under difficult conditions.

If your sister has been struggling to compost for years but just keeps getting frustrated, help end her frustration with an easy guide to composting everything.


Even babies love this book!


Compost Everything is a consistent seller with plenty of great reviews. From logs to lasagna, you’ll learn to compost like you never thought possible – with less work than you’d imagine!

For Florida gardeners, my popular book Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening makes growing in the Sunshine State a snap.


If you shop through any of the Amazon links above, a percentage goes to my work – even if you buy something else other than the linked books. Load up your cart and we get a little kickback. Not only will you get good books, you’ll also help feed a large family in the 3rd World.

And finally – have you seen the Survival Gardener T-shirt Collection over at Aardvark Screenprinting lately?


I have all four and wear them regularly. They’re high quality shirts printed by an American family business in the great state of Alabama.

Happy shopping – and thank you.

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