Compost Your Enemies


The “Compost Your Enemies” T-shirt is getting around.

My friends Kurt and Holly wore theirs to the zoo:


Harambe would approve.

Danny writes “I am proud of my choice in papel de bano, and will stand by it to the end”


Danny’s other hobbies include permaculture and trolling literal thinkers YouTube:


I laughed.

Danny also reports:

“Saw a “Compost Your Enemies” shirt @ the rare fruit expo in Manatee County today, I wore mine yesterday,  said what’s up to the guy. Just wanted to let you know The Gooders are out and representin’.”

That is awesome.

And… continuing on that theme, a fellow YouTuber – Plant Assassin – also sent in a Compost Your Enemies selfie:

Compost Your Enemies

He’s got some fascinating plants on his YouTube channel – worth subscribing.

Thanks, everyone. This is more fun than I deserve.

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  • If it were gab or Twitter it could have been much worse, he’s lucky you were there to save him. 😉 nobody should take me that seriously, I don’t. Thanks Dave,Harambe 2024

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