Dow AgroSciences Wakes Up?


Dow AgroSciences professes concern for the land they’ve been poisoning.

Did they wake up? Or is this damage control? 99% odds on the latter.

They’re making toxic crap that poisons plants for years, yet they have the gall to claim they’re “Protecting, Conserving, [and] Preserving the Land.”

If they really cared, they’d stop selling this stuff altogether. There’s no easy way to keep track of what manure, compost or hay/straw has been contaminated. EVERYTHING is now suspect, thanks to Aminopyralids.

Remember, employees and owners of Dow AgroSciences:

You will one day stand before God and answer for what you’ve done. (Though you may answer to an angry mob first.)

Make your own compost and avoid getting hit by this stuff!


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