Processing coffee from the tree to the cup

processing coffee cherries

Processing coffee cherries takes time!

Ever thought about what goes into processing coffee?

We have, because we grow our own; however, most folks outside the tropics likely have no idea what goes into making their mornings worthwhile!

Rachel found these videos of a couple in Hawaii gathering, processing and roasting their own coffee from wild trees growing near their home.

Not only are the videos informative, their banter is entertaining – check ’em out:

If you live in South Florida, there’s no reason why you can’t grow your own coffee.

If you’re further north, you’d probably choose to grow tea or yaupon holly.

One final thought: the processes they’re using are time-consuming.

If you had a lot of beans available, you could find ways to streamline and mechanize some of these steps pretty easily.

Especially if you were hopped up on caffeine.

You can learn more about growing coffee and other caffeine sources in my info-packed two-buck booklet.

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