Growing Tobacco Again


If you’ve been watching my YouTube channel, you’ve probably seen my last couple of videos on starting a new round of tobacco plants:

I was given some seeds by a friend I met at a local rum shack. You can get a good stiff drink of local bootleg stuff for a couple of bucks. It’s like molasses and gasoline.

One of the rules of “winning friends and influencing people,” if I recall correctly, is “sit and sip high-proof homemade liquor while watching people play incomprehensible card games as incomprehensible music blasts through a large cracked speaker.”

I’m pretty sure that’s the quote from Carnegie.

Anyhow, it worked for me, as I met a very nice local guy who told me he had tobacco growing wild in his yard. I walked with him to his place and was amazed to see large, lush, self-planted tobacco plants growing here and there. He gave me a fistful of seed pods and I’m now growing my own again.

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In my older post on growing tobacco, I got a new comment this morning from Krampus:

“Hello sir! Fellow piper here!
I have tried to quit nicotine for some time and have realized, by growing tobacco you will

A: get nicotine in you

B:get a sense for how much work is behind supporting your drug use.

I have sworn never to inhale again! thus, picking the pipe up again ^^. I have fermented my first leaves for some time(3 weeks) and today is the day I shall taste the fruit of all my labour :), they just have to reach proper moisture content.

I want to tell you something about american chew… its bad for your teeth, all that sugar + fermentation bacteria = bad………………………..

Look into the swedish snus, its it very simple to make, a monkey could do it, but it can take years to make a “perfect” swedish snus. It is black and slightly corrosive but also pasturesized with added salty flavours, trying to avoid sugar to spare your teeth (eating sugary diet + sugary tobacco all the time = kiss your teeth goodbye)

Nice information you have here thou! I enjoyd reading it! Puff on fellow Dragon!”

He’s right on American chewing tobacco: it IS loaded with sugar.

Better to find alternatives, if you really want to keep using tobacco.

As for “snus,” I’ll have to look that up. I’ve heard of it but haven’t looked into making it.

I prefer a pipe, but it’s good to know the alternatives, especially since I’m the author of a booklet on how to grow tobacco!


Tobacco isn’t hard to grow but it does have some rather unique care requirements, particularly for germination and raising it to a size large enough to plant out in the field.

You can learn about all that in my booklet, or, if you’re a cheapskate, just keep watching on YouTube as I post new installments.

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