How To Grow Mushrooms in a 5-Gallon Bucket


Growing mushrooms in a five-gallon bucket is easy. In today’s video, my friend Mart shows us how.

I’m quite impressed with the simplicity of this method of growing mushrooms. Mushrooms are an excellent addition to anyone’s diet and with how easy they are to cultivate – particularly in the case of Oyster mushrooms – I could see this idea taking off on homesteads.

Mart sent me home with the bucket we created and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. The photos at the end of this video are ones he took at his place.

You can find the cool drill bit we were using here. And the reamer/deburring tool is here.

Also, Firehouse Subs sells their used buckets for a couple of bucks – that’s an easy way to get started on the cheap.

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