How To Make Composting Easy: A New Post for the Grow Network!


Recently my friend Marjory Wildcraft invited me to join her site as a guest writer.

This is pretty cool, since she gets a lot of readers and is doing similar work to my own. Gardening, homesteading, chickens, organic food… it’s right up my alley.

My first post for her went up at the end of last week. Before I send you there, though – I invite you to sign up for their newsletter and get updated when I post new articles.

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My wife and I have both been on the list for months now and have enjoyed reading some of the great homesteading ideas and writing contests the Grow Network promotes. Marjory isn’t afraid of covering topics other folks let alone. Posts have ranged from home dental techniques to wild plant foraging to eating bugs. She also doesn’t spam with stupid stuff, which I appreciate.

Now… let’s get to my post:

How to Make Composting Easy


Does the word “composting” fill you with guilt?

Do you remember back when you were going to build the perfect bin? Or that great thing you saw on composting with worms that you’ve always wanted to do but never did? Or maybe you have an expensive cranked compost tumbler sitting in your backyard with nothing in it but a few dry coffee grounds and a blackened banana peel?

Composting is one of those things we know we should do, like buckling our safety belts, staying in school and recycling… yet more often than not, we still throw away our food scraps and yard waste rather than returning them to the ground.

It’s time to stop feeling guilty and start making changes.

No matter who you are or where you live, you can compost. The great thing is that it doesn’t require bins, tumblers, kitchen canisters or any other infrastructure.

All you need to do is let things rot.

This last winter I wrote a little book on composting that I hope will change a lot of minds on the topic while taking away guilt from those who have suffered under their landfill-stuffing sins for too long. The book is Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting. It was briefly the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s gardening section! One reason I believe the book is so popular is because it relieves folks from the pressure of composting.

What kind of pressure?

How about the need to turn piles? Or the need to get your carbon/nitrogen ratios perfect? Or the need to build a nice bin?

(CLICK HERE to read the rest over at Marjory’s place)

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