Jackfruit from Seed


Here’s a quick update on the jackfruit tree I grew from seed by planting directly in the ground:

And if you’d like to grow your own jackfruit seeds, here’s my video explaining it:

And here’s the video where I planted the seed that turned into this jackfruit tree:

I planted it a year and three months ago. Pretty good progress!

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  • I have a few 3 year old seedlings in So Cal in USDA zone 10a that are about that size. Frost free but not the optimum Tropics. When nightime temperatures drop below 50 growth slows or stops. I agree the best thing is to get them in the ground, and in more temperate zones plant them in the spring to get them established.
    I know every plant grows differently but that is an awsome seedling.

    • 10a is so close to tropical – you ought to do okay. You’re definitely right about planting in the spring in more temperate locations. Otherwise they’re likely to just rot in the cool ground over the winter.

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