• Lol…BTW, I think Rachel’s first re-enactment was the most accurate!

  • Hey!! You need to cut back on the compost tea!! That was a great video, they just get better. But maybe a name change for Rachel. How about “Rachel the Gooder” that was some great acting. I think she nailed it on the first try though. LOL Keep the video rolling!

    • No – I definitely didn’t roll around on the ground screaming. That was all Rachel. My epic pain threshold keeps me from embarrassing myself… too much.

  • This is hilarious! Rachel even has your body language down!

  • You two are getting pretty good with your videos…sorry about your hand though. Uncle Steve got his thumb tendon sliced and surgery tried to correct but he’ll never be able to do a hitchhiker thumb again. But he is still able to play guitar and piano so I hope there is hope for you too.
    Meanwhile be careful and keep rapping!

    Love to all

    • Thank you Jeanette. Appreciated. Yikes – I realized that his thumb couldn’t straighten. If I can play guitar again, I’ll be happy. Well, I’ll be happy anyway… but not being a play guitar would be tough.

  • Stay safe down there. We don’t want to have to call you “Stumpy the Good”.

    Rachel is a keeper. She has a great sense of humor and a sparkle in her eyes.

  • A huge fan of David and Rachel the Good, enough to watch a video on machete safety even though I don’t have a machete. Stay limbed, and heal well!!

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