Nature is an EXTREME Composter – You Can Be Too!


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Learning from Nature


I admit it: I get a kick out of shaking things up. For years I listened to the rules on composting… then I shrugged, threw away the rule book, and decided to watch what happened in nature and copy the design I found there.

Basically everything organic can be returned to the soil. Paper, sewage, logs, animal carcasses, chicken soup… you name it.

And isn’t it much better to return these items to the soil than it is to dump them in a landfill? It’s a no-brainer!

In 2015, my years of experimentation and the knowledge I have gained were distilled down into the book Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting. The response was excellent, and the sales still continue to amaze me. It is transforming the way gardeners think about composting. Just throwing things away isn’t good enough anymore.


Unlearning the “Rules”


When I wrote the book I had no idea so many people would be willing to come along for the ride. It’s thrilling.

For years, we’ve been told not to compost meat…

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  • David
    I’ve signed up for the food summit but haven’t recieved any e-mail or othe info on how to access the summit. I know I’m not the greatest with computers but I haven’t seen anything on Marjory’s site showing how to get on. What am I missing, I especially want to see your presentation and I hope I can figure it out before you are on.

    • Hmm.

      Check your bulk mail first. If it’s not there, try again here:

      Someone else told me they had to try a couple of times, then it went through. The traffic is really high on the Summit.

      If you can’t get through by tomorrow, let me know. I’ll get directly in contact with their organizer.

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