No Rules Compost


This guy could have been reading Compost Everything!

I love seeing a pile of “waste” turned into great big piles of beautiful compost.


Meat, paper, bones, oils… whatever. And it makes wonderful compost.

See? See?

This is still more complicated than much of my own composting, but when you’re running a community gardening project you do need to get that fine compost going for regular vegetable production. He’s getting it hot and turning it, which makes the process faster, but for you and I in a backyard situation… it’s not necessary.

I like his sifter, incidentally.


It would be really nice to have a sifter like that over a concrete slap so you couldjust scrape up the compost as it falls.

Winter is a great time to compost. If you’re not composting right now or if the rules have been holding you back, break free – throw it on the ground – it will rot!

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  • David,,,,I adore your philosophy…..Rhank u so much for taking the time to tape this video….I look forward to doing additional searching and learning from your experiences….I am motivated and want to build a compost container….. thank you the easiest DIY is for me..due to limited building talents…

    • You bet, Peggy. Though this video isn’t mine – it’s another fellow’s. I like what he’s doing, though.

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