Peak stupidity is when you can’t kill vermin

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And people wonder why I left the US…


TAVARES, Fla. – A Central Florida man was arrested on suspicion of caging and drowning a raccoon because the animal killed some of his chickens and damaged his home.

James Miller, of Tavares, was arrested Friday on animal cruelty charges.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, a woman called authorities and said her neighbor took a caged raccoon onto his pontoon boat and dropped the cage into the water.

The woman said she told her neighbor that drowning an animal was inhumane and he should instead call animal services, according to deputies.


The whole story is here.

I don’t know which is worse: the stupid neighbor woman or the cringe-worthy police who arrested a man for drowning a raccoon. Though ought to have given him a good neighbor award. Think of the chickens! Was the raccoon cruel to them?

Besides, don’t people believe in science anymore? If you let stupid raccoons breed instead of culling the herd, they’ll never evolve to the next level.


It is insane to arrest people for killing raccoons and this sort of overreach is just one of the reasons I went to a place with bad internet and nice beaches.

I’d rather deal with a crummy ISP than have cops show up and arrest me for defending my birds. It’s also better than having idiot neighbors who think it’s their business to call the police on people. Animal services indeed.

My ancestors nailed wolf heads on the wall of church buildings every Sunday and collected bounties from a group fund for doing so. Children used to be snatched and devoured in New England, as did various farm animals.

And now you can’t even get rid of a raccoon without a stupid neighbor getting involved.

A pox on her and her house.

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  • Well, I’d much prefer that he have put a bullet through it’s head than drown it, but yes, this is stupid.

  • “Hawks don’t kill chickens.” said the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency employee that answered the phone when my husband called about our flock dwindling to nothing due to Red-tailed hawks killing them. My husband replied that they needed to let the hawk in our pasture know that then because it was on top our best Black Austrolorp having a feast.
    Hi, love your site and agree with you. (I hope Rachel and the new baby are doing well.:)
    We are in a crazy world. People actually think food comes from the grocery stores.

    • Okay – that’s funny.

      Government employees are a huge help. I was not impressed with the plant advice I got from the local extension office, either. It was completely wrong and I had to do the research myself.

  • Marjory Wildcraft says to eat roosters the crow before dawn to bred out that awful trait. Do racoons taste good or are they only good for hats?

    • I killed a possum the same way last year that killed four of my chickens. Guess I’ll just have to resort back to the 22 and burying them for fertilizer around the yard. I have had 8 chickens killed in the last year due to possums and they don’t even eat them fully…

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