Permaculture Plant Potting


I like this approach to potting plants:

I used rotted wood chips to make potting soil in my old nursery and found that it worked wonderfully. Watching this video really made me nostalgic. I miss growing and selling plants.

You can often get free mulch from tree companies. Pile it up and let it rot. A year or two later, it’s rich and filled with earthworms. He’s using it quicker than that, but for a potting mix I might wait until it breaks down well. I also added rabbit manure to my mixes when I had it. That was like a slow-release fertilizer.

Thanks to PermieFlix for drawing my attention this video. If you’re not reading his site, I recommend you check it out. He finds a lot of very good permaculture videos.

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  • Edible Acres is doing some pretty cool stuff on his little slice of land. I dig his YouTube content.

  • Good video! I really appreciate the link to permieflix, I hadn’t run across them before. I’m always looking for more good permaculture content. Thanks!

  • As someone who is attempting to increase my strike rate, with propagation, this is handy info. I also don’t have misters, and have to rely solely on rainwater collection. I appreciate his ideas on preserving water. The way he dunks and drains, ensures all the mix is wet, without wasting water.

    You should set up that nursery. Make it a challenge, if your plate isn’t already full! Attempt to build a shade house with recycled materials, preferably free, and also relocatable. So when you move, you can take it with you. That’s on my wish list this year. I need a dedicated growing area. Looks like I’m going to recycle one of the chicken houses to do that.

    Hey, now that’s an idea. Can you set the plants up in your existing chicken house. Hanging them down from the rafters, or something?

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