Piles and piles of compost…


I said goodbye to the galvanized compost bin yesterday. I got a lot of use out of it and it was a very easy way to deal with the kitchen scraps without animal issues.

Here it is in action:

Moving it to the lot we’re going to work was too much trouble, unfortunately, as was moving the hundreds of pounds of mostly finished compost inside it.

The biggest problem with this compost bin was it was very hard to turn. I just skipped turning it until it was pretty much finished, but forking it out of the bin was no joke. The sides are high and the compost was saturated with water from the endless rains. It was more like forking swamp muck than forking compost.

When I emptied it yesterday we spread it around some bananas, plus filled a hole in the yard. That area will be the most fertile spot in the yard for years to come, as I also buried a lot of bones my wife had been saving for stock she never got around to making.

Ah well, at least it didn’t all end up in a landfill.

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