More on Planting Corn in Stations


I drove into town yesterday with the family to pick up some groceries.

On the way, I had to stop and take a picture of this patch of corn:


See how it was done? It’s the same method of hacking holes into the soil and planting kernels that I shared in yesterday’s post. 3-4 seeds are planted in each hole and the corn grows nicely that way in a small clump. Between clumps is about 2.5 feet in all directions.

This method seems to work very well on slopes, as the roots of the weeds and grass hold the soil together, whereas tilling it all and row planting corn could lead to serious erosion issues.

And finally, here’s the video on my own corn planting with this method. I meant to post it yesterday morning but ended up not getting it finished until the evening.

Enjoy the day.

We’re having company over for dinner tonight and Rachel will be making a dish with our Seminole pumpkin/calabaza crosses.

I look forward to seeing how they taste. It was time to cook at least one of them, not because they were going to spoil but because I really need some more seeds to plant.

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  • I hope you had a lovely dinner. Thanks for all you do.

    • Thanks, Keith – yes, we had a great time. A Mennonite missionary couple. I enjoyed comparing theology. And the pumpkin was good!

  • Yes I just came across your videos and loved them your very informative. What I was wondering do you have a video demonstrating on how you punched holes to plant corn never seen this method done you got me very excited to try. Thank You

    • I don’t have a video on it yet, but I plan to plant again when the rainy season starts. I’ll try to remember and film one.

    • I just use a grub hoe to punch loose holes. You can also use a shovel or a spading fork.

  • Thank you for the reply!

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