Primitive Technology: Planting Cassava and Yams


This guy…

Fantastic. Never tried the mound method for planting cassava. Will have to try that. I’ll bet it makes harvest much easier.

I like this field fencing, too:


That’s a lot of labor, but you can really grow a ton of calories in this space.

Cassava and yams will feed you for a long time.

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  • That video is mesmerizing. I wonder where he is?

  • For anyone interested, around the 4.47 mark he shows a Scrub Turkey, Alectura lathami, or as I knew them, Brush Turkeys. They are really cool as the males build and maintain compost piles to incubate their eggs. The are naturally tame. One drawback. They will get into people yards to collect green matter and destroy your garden as you stand there!

    • That is amazing. I had no idea what that bird was, but it did look like some sort of a cross between a turkey and a vulture. Thank you.

  • This guy is fantastic, love all his videos even my 6 year old can’t stop watching! The stoic nature as he goes about his business is awesome. He deserves every view he gets! Only wish he could post more videos.

    Not that we don’t love your voice but you should try a silent video, would be neat to explore visual ways to express your ideas to the audience. Might even help for the ‘talkies’ as well!

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