Proof that Herrick Kimball is a Genius


Wait – what?

I thought Herrick might have lost it when he launched his Classic American Clothespins.

Now I realize that his powers were in reality so far above my intellectual prowess that I was unable to grasp his genius!

Behold… the Planet Whizbang Chickenhead Door Knocker!

“The Whizbang chickenhead door knocker is a whimsical pull-string knocker design created by Herrick Kimball, of Moravia, New York. The bright-eyed chicken with its distinctive pompadour comb and quotation-mark wattles is a delightful example of functional folk art.

If you have some basic woodworking and whittling skills you can make your own chickenhead door knocker. A complete specifications package for the project is available at This Link. If you would like to purchase one of a very limited number of handcrafted chickenhead door knockers made by Herrick Kimball, Click Here for details.”
We are not worthy of such brilliance!

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