Propagating Moringa from Seeds and Cuttings


I’ve been incredibly busy lately so the YouTube channel hasn’t been a priority; however, I did get a new video recorded yesterday – at long last!

A friend gave us a cutting of a moringa tree, plus I found some seeds. Here’s me planting both:

Also – this week I’m giving away my booklet on growing caffeine.



Get a copy here – free on Amazon this week!

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  • Thanks for the book! I’ve got a coffee tree/plant in a pot on my porch, and have had a handful of cherries, but I think the climate where I am (Broward) is just too hot. It’s not dying, and I’ve got it shaded, so I’m doing my best.

    Regarding Moringa, I purchased seeds, germinated them indoors, and planted the sprouts both into the “soil” and in a pot with some “Mel’s Mix” (amended with compost, azomite, and mulched with seaweed and leaf mould). That was about six-to-eight months ago. I subscribe to the desire to chop-and-drop to improve the soil, so I wanted to get a bunch of trees around the small back yard I have.

    Well…attesting to the quality of the soil (2″ of topsoil followed by fathoms of sandy lime rock), only a few grew and the tallest is about 14 inches.

    Compare that to the potted tree, which is almost six feet from where it comes out of the soil, and I’ve pulled leaves many times to put in my quinomelet (like it sounds, quinoa, eggs, onions, peppers, cardamom, cheese….DELICIOUS!!!).

    In addition, if you’ve never chewed a peeled moringa seed, try it. It’s bitter and chalky. Immediately afterwards, though, drink a full glass of plain-old-water, and you’re delighted to find your taste buds were so assaulted by the moringa seeds that the water tastes as sweet at Flavor-Ade (if you believe in being a pawn of the government) or sugar water.

  • I have 2 small moringa plants in my greenhouse. As soon as frost danger is over id like to plant them in the dirt but am afraid the first fall frost will kill them. Anyone know their lowest frost tolerance? I go down to 10 degrees in the winter nights.

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