Pruning Pumpkins?


Fred Tice writes:

“David, I was wondering if you have some advice on how to prune c. Moschata to produce the larger size fruits. I have managed to find a source of Seminole seed on Ebay and was hoping to grow them but all my pumpkins grown in the past have been quite small, but I did not prune or do much in the way of giving them special attention. Thanks in advance mate. :)”

Oh man. Now you’re making me think!

I don’t have any advice on pruning pumpkins. I generally let them go insane.

HOWEVER – I may have been wrong in my approach.

I dunno, though. I’ve done a lot of searching for the past hour for more on pruning and don’t find much.

Burying the nodes, though – I’m totally going to do that this week.

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  • Unfortunately all of mine have been pruned by caterpillars. No blooms and hardly any leaves. I haven’t been able to keep up with them.

  • I found a video about growing giant pumpkins but the narrarator does not mention pruning, just focusing on the soil, feeding organically and use of worm castings and compost tea. He does bury the nodes as well to get as much nutrition to the mother plant. Great tutorial on manual polination and crossing. Good luck to all!

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