This was a photo I just discovered from our spring garden… lettuce, radishes, carrots, dill and parsley.
All I need is some bacon in my garden and life would be complete.

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  • > All I need is some bacon in my garden

    easy to solve – you need to be a part of a farmer's co-op 🙂 something like what we're trying to create at the BSF – Or just come with your veggies and we'll trade ya some bacon for it 🙂

    Re previous post – you guys are so lucky to have SPARR … it's absolutely my favourite feed store ever 🙂

  • I need to hook up with something like that, for sure. Looks like your project is about an hour and a half from me. Great idea, incidentally. Are you guys raising pigs currently?

    And yeah – Sparr is the bomb.

  • BSF itself is still in very early stages but among our little group we have almost any meat you can think about. I grow lamb (in my spare time, whatever is left from leaving comments in peoples' blogs 🙂 and if you need pork you can talk to Rebecca of – she's one the BSF team members and a good friend.

    There will be pigs at the BSF, sure – they fit very well in our local forest systems and are great at many things.

  • Thank you for the link. Meat is definitely the weakest link in my homesteading plans.

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