Crash Gardening Season Finale: Water Chestnuts Hijacked by WHAT AM I WATCHING???

Without internet I act like a savage!

Jeff and I were going to create a highly educational Crash Gardening video on how to grow and harvest Chinese water chestnuts… but instead, our project somehow got hijacked by a nature documentary on the Yanomami of the Amazon.

Or something.

I very, very, very, very, very sincerely and seriously apologize.

Now I don’t even know if Crash Gardening is educational.

Of course, if Captain Planet can make it on TV…

You know, I think the AK-47 bear massacre in Episode 2 was really the beginning of the end. We held it together pretty well, though, until Michael Moore showed up.

Whatever’s going on, it’s definitely coated in solid awesome. And partial nudity.

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Edible Air Potatoes: Crash Gardening S2, Episode 6

I found an edible air potato (winged yam) patch near my place. In today’s episode, we talk about identifying Dioscorea alata as opposed to its sometimes poisonous cousin Dioscorea bulbifera.

The winged yam is a tasty root. If I were to choose a favorite survival staple, it would have to be any of the true yams.

I’ve found edible air potatoes to be excellent as homefries and hash browns. Cassava is faster and a bit easier to grow under adverse conditions, but the yams are a close second. And they taste better.

Malanga tastes good but needs more water to be happy. Sweet potatoes are prolific but too sweet to substitute for white potatoes. Yams just hit the sweet spot. Too bad the invasive nature of D. bulbifera has poisoned the well for edible air potatoes!

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Crash Gardening: Season 2!

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 3.10.10 PM

Earlier this year I posted a few videos produced by my videographer cousin Jeff.

We rethought the format and the style and are now releasing a new season of Crash Gardening.

10 shows are planned thus far, covering composting, gardening methods, weird root crops and more. The production schedule isn’t hammered down yet but we’re getting there.

As for video #1: since I get a lot of questions about growing and harvesting cassava, we started with that topic.

Without further ado, here’s Crash Gardening Season 2, Episode 1:

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Crash Gardening, Episode 1: A Zillion Ways To Garden

crash gardening ep. 1

Introducing the very first episode of my new survival gardening video series in which I talk about why I don’t like raised beds, how to grow pineapples, gardening in containers and a whole lot more.

A big thanks to Jeffrey Greene for the cinematography and to his wife Alena for standing around and being pretty. Filming conditions were rough: it was raining and the light was poor, but we still pulled it off.

More episodes coming soon.

Announcing My Brand-New YouTube Series: Crash Gardening

crash gardening ep. 1

I’ve been wanting to “up” the quality of my YouTube videos for a while so I hired a videographer to get me started.

His name is Jeff and he’s my cousin. And when I asked for explosions, he added them.

Life doesn’t get any better.

Thanks to his hard work, we’ve now got multiple episodes and a few short features in the hopper.

So, without further ado… let’s jump in with a short Crash Gardening Review of a couple of great hoes (a digging hoe and a grape hoe) I was given by Greg from


I made a mistake in my tool names… pulled the video until I can fix it. An ignominious start to a new series, to be sure… but that’s the way the gardening crumbles.