The Hay Pusher and thoughts on hand tools


A hay pusher? Check this out – this is amazing:

I’ve never worked a large acreage or hayed a field, so I can’t comment much on how this compares to other methods… I just have to remark that I’m impressed as heck by how she’s gathering the hay together.

I’m not a gadget guy. I love hand tools, and I love seeing what can be done with human power. Hoes, sickles, machetes, pitchforks, knives, hatchets… those are my kind of tools.

hay pusher

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fought with my lawnmower. Or weedeater (which is now retired in favor of a scythe). Or my tiller. (Don’t get me started on the tiller…)

If everything collapsed, it would be really good to know you could still feed yourself and your animals. Learn to work with hand tools – and learn to love hard work. There’s a goodness in it that you don’t get from machines.

Except for Dewalt drills. I have one of those and it’s unbefreaklievable cool.

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