West Coast Terror


My family on the East coast have been spared the wrath of Irma. Good luck to those of you on the West coast. Praying for you.

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  • Well, we made it through Irma. After it hit Naples the track shifted more to the center of the state, bringing the hurricane force winds across the whole width of Florida. As I type this it’s still gusting up to 55 mph, but so far I still have power. Over 80% of Brevard County has no power and some no water! I took the hit with Mathew, so maybe I’m gonna be spared with Irma. If we make it to noon with power we should be good! Lots of clean up in my yard, oak branches everywhere, I can’t venture out to work till the wind drops a little, still too dangerous. We’ll get through this, neighbors will pitch in, things will get done and life will get normal again! Take care David.

  • Myself, home and animals made it thru the 80+mph winds with no apparent lasting damage… The papayas and bananas did not. They are twisted, bent and wrung off. The Anna apple tree laid down along with a couple other things… The dwarf banana and papaya definitely fared better… The power is off and the firewood will be plenty. The fences need repair and the freezer cleaned, but Thank You God! We are okay…

  • Power back on, for some, and getting and getting back to normal. I trimmed off all the leaves from my bananas,before the storm, and none of them fell over. Sugar cane and papayas fell over. Maringas and guavas fell aswell.
    Mangos, lychees, jackfruit,avocado and surprisingly carambola did fine,other than loosing leaves.
    God spared us on this one. Thoughts and prayers go out to people who were not as fortunate as us.

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