7 Ways to Feed Your Garden for Free (now for FREE!)


Yesterday I decided to release my 45-minute film “7 Ways to Feed Your Garden for Free” on YouTube… for free:

I was quite happy with that film. I have another presentation coming up for this year’s Home Grown Food Summit, provided I can get growing again in time.

The quarter-acre piece of land where we’ll be gardening this year is slated to be cleared by a couple of guys any day now. I was tempted to buy a chainsaw and do it myself, but considering my history with sharp tools, I’ve decided to outsource it.

My plans for planting include Hickory King corn, yams (of course), cayenne peppers, tomatoes, various greens and some of my long-necked Seminole pumpkins.


Can’t wait!

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  • No beans? Too paleo for legumes, or are they just too tempting for marauding herbivores, or (more likely) was your list just a taste?

    • Though I love planting beans, the local insects have torn them to pieces here. I’ve tried multiple times with poor luck.

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