SilverFire Hunter Review


It’s time to do a SilverFire Hunter review.

NOTE: I’ve posted a more in-depth review of the SilverFire Hunter here.

silverfire hunter review

Today we do a Silverfire Hunter review – and eat breakfast on film.

Confession: I’m in love with this TLUD biomass cookstove.
I picked up a SilverFire Hunter stove over a year ago. Since then I’ve used it to cook meals, scald chickens and entertain my children.
I’ve been meaning to write a Silverfire Hunter review ever since I bought the thing.
Then I thought: why not have Jeff record a video review instead?
So we did, and made it episode 5 of Crash Gardening season 2:

Silverfire Hunter Review Verdict:


The SilverFire TLUD is rather expensive but it’s a marvel of engineering.

You can load it with a small amount of wood and cook an excellent meal without feeding in any additional sticks. We’re talking 8 pinecones or so. This thing is a monster at converting biomass into heat. Incredibly efficient. I like my StoveTec, but this – though a bit more complicated and unwieldy thanks to the chimney – is remarkable. Check out my Silverfire Hunter review in the video – it’s pretty cool.

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