All Directions at Once


I don’t know about you, but I like to juggle many projects at the same time.

Many things are mostly “set and forget,” like the living fence I planted with Gliricidia sepium. I string trim around it every few months, but it’s taking care of itself now.

Other things, like the pumpkin vines, need a little more care. I fed the ones down the hill with some chemical fertilizer. I know this is EVIL AND BAD, but my pumpkin breeding program needs to succeed as it’s my ticket to staying here. My varieties will be shared with the local Department of Agriculture and in return they got my visa extended.

Last year I tried hauling compost down the hill and putting compost tea on them… and they weren’t all that happy. It’s hard to move materials all the way down there, so chemical fertilizers are it for now. Better to get a sure yield.

I’ve also got my three sisters garden project, plus the new patch of corn, the peanuts, sweet potatoes, dasheen and the big patch of yams. Up the hill I have cucumbers, more pumpkins, hot peppers, pimento peppers and a bunch of other things.

And that’s just gardening! I’ve also been editing audiobooks for a publisher, maintaining the YouTube channel, posting here, writing a monthly article for the AgriMag in Central Florida and working on a few book projects.

Sometimes I paint, too. Or, like I did the other day, make something for the house.

I finally got a jigsaw and a drill again and they’ve been a lot of help. I’m working on a bedside table/bookshelf today.

Today is also my Dad’s memorial service up in Ft. Lauderdale. I wish I could be there but it was just too hard to travel again. Hundreds of folks will be attending – he left a huge legacy.

I will be working to do the same.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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