Easy potato growing


I recently found this video on easy potato growing:

That looks like a great method… but you can no longer trust manure or straw to be herbicide-free. I now view those amendments as poisonous unless proven otherwise. This is a rotten deal for organic gardeners… but it’s where we find ourselves.

I’ve been planting potatoes in every available space, trying a few different ways. Raised beds… in the ground… buried in straw.. and in our mosaic garden bed:

I had poor luck with them last year because the aminopyralid manure screwed them up, along with our hot spring weather… but I have high hopes for this year. They’re really the gold standard of survival crops, even though Florida probably isn’t an ideal climate for them.

The place I usually buy seed potatoes from sold out in January… and didn’t re-stock. So I bought a few different brands of potatoes and the ones that made eyes quickly I used for seed. Yeah, I know all about sprout inhibiting chemicals and all that jazz… and that you’re not supposed to use store potatoes… but I had good luck with them in TN so I’m trying again.

I later managed to get a few bags of seed potatoes from Aldi’s of all places… then got a few more bags at Tractor Supply. I’m planting like a madman, even though it’s a little late.

Does anyone have a good potato success story to share? I’m eager to know if any of you guys have had good luck. If so – post away, please!

UPDATE: Here’s more on growing grocery store potatoes:

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