An Unexpected Honor


I came across a post on Facebook the other day and was surprised to see myself:

“The author of five books and the force behind the daily blog, David Goodman (known as “David the Good”) is a permaculture enthusiast and an educator on all topics concerning gardening and sustainable living.

Goodman learned the specifics behind traditional farming at an early age on his family’s farm and discovered his passion for permaculture while living in Florida. However, after several years he realized that he wanted to experiment with permaculture techniques that went beyond Florida’s ecosystem, so he moved farther south.

He and his wife now live at an undisclosed location near the equator, where he continues to publish content on his blog and YouTube channel that draws on his 30 years of growing experience.”

I sometimes forget my real name after using David The Good for years. I didn’t learn on a family farm as the post states (in fact, I grew up in a house with a little yard in Ft. Lauderdale), but I did learn from serious gardeners in my family.

Anyhow, the mention was much appreciated. I’ve failed my way to success over the years, plugging away at problems and experimenting until I worked the kinks out of crops and methods, then writing articles and eventually books on what I’ve learned.

I’m back in “fail mode” here in the tropics but I’m getting better every day. Eventually I’ll hit success again in this challenging climate.

Thanks to all of you for reading and sticking around.

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