Ani Birds Plus Strange and New Species


I’ve been learning my birds all over again… such as these ani which I captured on camera playing in one of our backed-up gutters:


Ani are in the cuckoo family and aren’t particularly shy.

They live in groups and sometimes follow me around when I’m string-trimming the yard, hunting the insects and worms I uncover.

Aren’t those beaks something else? That’s a crazy-looking schnoz, bub.

I’ve also enjoyed meeting new hummingbird species:


That’s a heck of a hairstyle, isn’t it? I should do my hair like that.

This looks like a different species from the hummingbird I filmed feeding her baby down by the creek.

It’s interesting learning new species of plants and animals after having lived most of my life in Florida with a few years in Tennessee.

Some of the wild edibles are the same, such as the amaranth species and the Sida we find here and there. Many others I am just learning.

I feel like I don’t have enough years in my life to see all the plants and animals I would like to discover.

Gotta avoid future machete injuries – that may get me closer.

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  • beautiful pictures! 🙂 I always love getting to know the local flora and fauna when I travel… Meeting the locals

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