Back in the garden


The rains finally let up long enough for me to get back to gardening and filming videos.

On Thursday I posted an update on my vanilla orchids:

Then today, my progress on the little garden beds:

That set of beds is really a mess. I need to clear the rest and I think I’m going to cut the perennial cucumber vines way back and let them regrow. They’re insane.

I have to be careful in those beds, though, as I have multiple good edibles in there which are also perennials. I probably should have stuck to just annuals in those beds; however, it’s one of the few sunny spots where I can get things going and keep an eye on them.

It feels good to be outside and working again. The rain has truly been ridiculous, plus I’ve had a lot of work indoors that has kept me from gardening as much as I should.

Anything going on in your gardens right now? Get some fall crops in yet?

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  • I’ve planted onion sets, lettus, beets and cabbage so far. The lettus and cabbage is old seed so may be wasting time… But if they don’t show in a few more days I’ll get new seed. The beets have sprouted and onion sets should do good. I harvested about 90 onions (3″ers) last June. And harvested 35# of sweet potatoes a couple weeks ago. The Seminole pumpkins were 13 harvested from volunteer vines and and tan cheese pumpkins, 5 off 1 lonely vine that survived the puppy… I got about 5 pint baggies of figs, 15 pint baggies of strawberry guava, about 35 persimmons… My big persimmon took the season off, hoping she puts out a better showing next. The peach tree I bought from you did well… But I pulled most of the fruit to push growth. There was also a few cucumbers and enough yard long beans to have a few servings…

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