Facebook/Instagram are GONE & my social media presence


I deleted Facebook a couple of weeks ago and today I followed that up by killing Instagram. Facebook is the enemy of truth, privacy and Western Civilization and I refuse to work with them anymore.


YouTube has gone after gun channels and other “controversial” topics, plus they promote things I vehemently hate; however, at this point I don’t have a better outlet for my videos and the revenue I make from ads isn’t worth giving up. Yet.

I ditched LinkedIn a couple of days ago, just because I don’t use it, not because I have any privacy concerns.

For the time being, I am still on Minds.com though I’m not all that active. I’m also on IDKA.com, but that site makes absolutely no sense to me so I’m probably going to leave.

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  • Hello David the Good,
    We enjoy your inspirational, informative yet quirky videos!
    Are any of these outlets feasible:
    Gab? https://gab.ai/
    We watch your videos as soon as they are posted on Youtube….and you still don’t come up in our feed; we have to search for your channel …every time. <AND REALLY –How many people watch 'David the Gnome'??!!
    Keep us posted~

    • I was on Gab but I left when they wouldn’t get the nazis under control – it got too filthy for me. Torba is in over his head and I am friends with Vox Day. Torba really threw him under the bus so I left as well.

      I’m on Patreon but haven’t done anything with it. Not really sure how to make it work.

      Steemit is an option I haven’t tried. I was on Vid.me, but it closed down.

      David The Gnome. That is funny. I get that too.

  • Two thumbs up, DtG! I deleted FB and Twitter mid-Feb (for the second time), and I’ve been a lot calmer during the day (save for when a co-worker puts on CNN).

    Forget that crap! Let’s work on soil!

  • I baled out of facebook a year ago and couldn’t be happier ! 1984 is here now my friends!!!!

  • we are slowly learning to be self sufficient , growing a backyard garden etc and loving it . I grew up on a farm and I’m goin back to my roots . technocracy is taking over and centralizing all of our recources, we need to return to local food distribution.

  • Hi, David, I was wondering where you’d gone on IG. Scaling back my posting there as I work on other platforms before I delete it too. IDKA does seem a bit clunky for now, but I’ll keep trying it when I have time. I got onto MeWe in 2016, but have never been active on it, though I might make more of an effort now. Have you given it a look?

  • http://comics.azcentral.com/slideshow?comic=9_to_5&feature_id=9_to_5
    Love their strip from April 12.

    I finally got on Facebook last year. Sadly it was all I expected it to be. Closed my account after 3-4 months.

  • My family and I are moving to the Yucatan, Mexico when my house sells..(we just listed it) and I want to grow most of our own food, but coming from Northern Calif. I don’t know what I can grow there, what bugs I will have to contend with etc. I have deduced from my internet searches, that the growing season is year round but the soil is very thin and poor, so building raised beds will be necessary. I was planning on starting a companion garden first, but if the soil is that poor should I get the chickens set up first? I have been watching and enjoying your feeds for months now, and learning a lot…thank you.

    • I wouldn’t add chickens first – I would look and see what local farmers are growing, then ask them for help. They’ll know the crops, the soil, etc. I’ve learned plenty from locals here.

  • Hey, The Patriot Nurse has got to Patreon, have a look at it. I too have deleted Facebook and all the rest, just can’t take it anymore.

  • Oh Facebook…….:( Our Co-op school is trying to figure out plan B for posting class homework……. On a better note… I was watching and listening to your videos trying to decide what to do with my garden’s nutrient problem when I realized that we have an old compost/lawn waste pile from the previous owners……. It loots like the forest floor all piled up……. loamy goodness, just waiting to be moved!

    I tried biochar, making a pile and burning it top down……so fast, so much char…….now if I can just get the ducks to stop eating it all! Actually there must be something that they need in that biochar, so I will just make enough for both ducks and garden. (I remember the long days that went with burning brush from bottom up…only good thing it only got hot enough to roast hot dogs and marshmallows…..top down burn goes very fast and I have to rake it out to keep my char.)

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