The Five Keys to Building Healthy Soil


This is an excellent talk:

Worth sitting down and watching.

Fascinating stuff, and it’s on a large scale.

He reminds me that I’m not doing enough cover cropping. Time to bust out the mung beans again.

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  • Wow! Great video, But wife is threatening divorce! Guess I will have to get rid of the 60 goats in the back yard. That is really cool, I will have to get my employees to trample the cover crops, then throw some Black Cow manure in there to simulate the cows. It can work out perfectly if you use a little imagination. My cover crop this past fall was Shepards Needle and a multitude of weeds, but i will get a couple bags of beans and toss them around tomorrow and see what happens. Just wish the big ag farmers would take heed to what he has accomplished.

  • That is fantastic. I laughed out loud imagining a bunch of guys trampling manure in the backyard.

  • “The soil without biology is just geology.”

    Brilliant. 🙂

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