Ground is officially broken!


I need to take some more pictures, but we’ve started working on the land we’re borrowing.


I’m digging the beds with my Meadow Creature, then smashing up the heavy clay clods and planting transplants.


Thus far we’ve planted lettuce, cabbage, Tabasco peppers, tobacco, celosia and cauliflower.

Breaking the ground has been very difficult due to the abundance of roots and rocks – but the soil itself is beautiful, black and rich.

I’m using a modified John Jeavons method here, just loosening the ground and making mounded beds, then planting. I’m using much wider spacing, however, as I don’t want to haul water over here every day. Space widely and you need less water. Space tightly and you’d better have irrigation.

The next thing we need to do is start planting pumpkins. I need to get some more land cleared first, then I’ll start digging melon pits and planting. I think it’s time to try Hubbards again, plus I need to get my Seminole pumpkins going.

On the topic of land clearing, I wish I could make something like this happen:

That’s awesome but I don’t think I can find the parts here. A buzz saw on a pole!

I’ll shoot some more pictures soon. We got a good heavy rain the day after I transplanted so the seedlings are already past the wilting stage and looking like they’ll all take.

I also need to dig some more yam beds. One thing at a time…

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  • Thank you for the inspiration and knowledge.

  • Where is this black soil? You mentioned “equatorial tropics” but any more specifics would be really useful. Thank you!

  • You probably cant get them there either but some of the better whipper snippers (what we call weed eaters here) actually have chainsaw attachments 🙂

    • Yes, Dan – I have looked at them. There is a Stihl distributor near me which is supposed to have attachments coming in soon. I may go that way.

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