Grow Half Your Groceries in Your Back Yard


I just found out The Grow Network has a free viewing of their film Grow Half Your Groceries in Your Back Yard coming up soon.

You can click here and sign up.

1200x6301Here’s the promo letter I got from The Grow Network this afternoon:


What if I told you a secret that you could double the life of your existing emergency food stores?

Does that sound too good to be true?

Think about it… 6 months of stored food would last a whole year. That alone could mean the difference between life and death.

And what if I told you that this secret is entirely unaffected by grid-down conditions?

That’s right. No electricity required.

And it gets better.

What if I told you that this secret never runs out? A perpetual, reliable, off-grid food source.

Sounds impossible, right?

Wrong! If this sounds impossible to you, then you need to see the FREE 72-Hour viewing of this simple new system from gardening guru Marjory Wildcraft.

With this new system, Marjory takes all the guesswork out of developing a sustainable off-grid food supply. Literally anyone can set this system up. And the best part is…

… you can do this right in your own back yard, in less than 1 hour per day.

If you’re a busy person who can’t spend hours working in a garden every day – but you want to have a reliable off-grid food source for the worst of times – this system was designed especially for you.

Here’s how it works. Marjory broke down the nutritional needs of the average person for a healthy survival diet.

She projected those needs out for an entire year…

… and she identified 3 core components that, together, can supply as much nutrition as you need to produce.

She recommends starting on a small scale, but even on a very small scale, this system is capable of supplying half of the nutrition you need. And the entire system is inherently scalable – so it can be expanded and contracted on the fly to accommodate any number of dependents.

And let me be clear. I’m not talking about seed packages.

Lots of preppers have seed packages. But very few have the knowledge and experience required to grow their own meat and vegetables reliably when there are no other options.

And that’s what I’m talking about – the ability to produce as much food as you need, off-grid, in a fully sustainable, fully scalable, closed loop system.

For decades, Marjory Wildcraft has helped thousands of people to start growing their own food. Her books and videos are used by governments and universities all around the world.

She condensed all her experience into this simple new system – to eliminate the research and trial-and-error that would slow you down – so you can have a safe and reliable food source right when you need it.

Click Here

To reserve your spot at the 72-Hour FREE Viewing

This is a brand-new system, and it has already become a huge success. It’s called How to Grow Half Your Own Food (in your own back yard in less than an hour per day). But, remember, the system is entirely scalable and can easily be adapted on the fly to grow all your food, if necessary.

And Marjory Wildcraft is making it available to you…for free…on March 20 – 22.

The knowledge and insights that are compiled in these materials would take you years to learn on your own. But they are presented here as a neatly packaged system that eliminates the time-consuming research and trial-and-error that stand in the way of quick, reliable food production.

Just imagine the profound impact of having a functional food production system before SHTF! This system can quickly scale to accommodate additional dependents, meaning you could theoretically incorporate as many people as you want. This is a system that anyone can learn! Marjory Wildcraft has taught thousands of people to do this successfully… and I know you can do it too. Register here for the 72-Hour FREE Viewing



I like these “watch online for free” things. It’s a good chance to binge on gardening inspiration. Also, if anyone buys the full presentation after signing up via the links here, I make a few bucks. Win win.

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  • I signed up. The claims sound too good to be true, but will watch with an open mind. Some of us have terrible soil, and building soil fertility means importing large amounts of organic matter (which can take a lot of time to collect and transport) or growing cover crops, chop/drop – which but take a long time to build fertility.

    • Yes, we’ll see. Marjory is in very hot Texas conditions, so I hope some of it will apply. I always figure if I can come away with a few ideas that help me grow later, I’m happy.

      As for soil fertility, you may just have to not worry about ever “fixing” it and use liquid fertilizer instead. Sugar sand, for instance, is almost impossible to ever turn into soil.

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