Growing Seminole Pumpkins in the North and South


Though Seminole pumpkins are a Florida heirloom, my friend Kevin is pushing the zone and growing them in Iowa:


Note the variety of shapes, from flatter to rounder to pear-shaped. That’s typical for Seminole pumpkins, as is the range in color from green to tan.

Now for a report from the south!

Douglas in Collier County Florida is also growing Seminole pumpkins and sent photos of his success this year: Seminole-pumpkins-douglas-3

Look at them on the vine before they turned tan:


These are the seeds Douglas planted:


Those small fruits are seem to be the most standardized variety of Seminole pumpkin. They store a long, long time and produce well, especially when they grow out of a compost pile.

I have a bunch of different variations of Seminole Pumpkins listed here if you want to see more.

Also, this is one of the vegetables I recommend highly in my popular book on Florida gardening.


They are truly a remarkable variety. Good work Kevin and Douglas!

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  • Loved the Trade Wind Fruits link. Unfortunately, the Seminole Pumpkin is out of stock. Fortunately or unfortunately, I managed to find plenty of other things to try in zone 7B-8. I was impressed with the prices and the information about zone/temperature requirements for various plants. It was quite helpful information. Do you have any other recommended sites for Seminole seed? You got my curiosity up. I have enjoyed stumbling upon you recently.

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