Heck with it all – I’m planting


This last year has been up and down to say the least.

One of the things that has really suffered are my gardening plans. Though I have played with plenty of projects, over the last few months I haven’t planted much.

This is bad, bad, bad for a published garden writer. Especially one with a regular YouTube channel where I’m supposed to actually look like I know what I’m doing.

I miss these gardens:

BackGardenMay2015-3 BackGardenMay2015-2 BackGardenMay2015 GardensFebruary2015-6

Those are the gardens that led me to write Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening. The experiments, the soil building, the test crops – I can create a killer set of gardens now when I have the space.

But right now the place we are renting is up for sale, so I haven’t been planting anything as I don’t know if I’ll get to harvest what I plant. The little garden beds out back are mostly filled with weeds.

This kills me. I’ve planted trees, dug beds, pruned, harvested… worked my tail off on garden beds every year and tracked the yields for this site… and here I am. I’m in a gardening paradise without any gardens to call my own. And I don’t have enough stability to plant a garden and know I’ll reap.


…heck with it.

I’m going to plant anyway. I’ve decided that at the very least I’m going to go plant the eight raised garden beds out back again.



I’m praying we get some land soon so I can get back to my real experimentation, but for now I’m going to live like I have more stability than I actually have.

I hate the waiting game and the in-between times. I have seeds that are getting old and need to be planted. There’s a chance I’ll be able to harvest what I plant… so I’m going for it.

Many of you live in rentals or in between homesteads. After being a homeowner for more than a decade, and now renting for a year, I’m really starting to feel your struggle.

Planting in pots helps, but there’s nothing like owning a piece of God’s green earth. That said, we’re not guaranteed any kind of stability in this life… but if I just sit and wait to see what other people do, I know for sure I won’t harvest anything.

Stay tuned. I’m tearing out the weeds, tearing up the soil, and busting out the seed packages. The weather is fine and the rain has dropped off. I can’t stand it.

I’m planting.

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