Hubbards and then No Hubbards


First, fail your way to success:

And then you see the Hubbards, just a few days before the vine borers got them, in my video on harvesting the corn in the Three Sisters garden:

So. Close. Another couple of weeks and I would have had fruit on those Hubbards. They were forming. It was working.

Until it wasn’t. The vine borers are a big problem here. A local farmer told me to water the vines with Sevin dust in water to keep them off, but I just couldn’t do it. If I had, though, I would have Hubbards.

Dang it.

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  • Beans did not grow well in my three sisters garden this year either! I planted it super late and avoided borers in my spaghetti squash, but they did get my zucchini planted earlier. I only had maybe 4 – 6 plants so I surgically removed them and covered the stems with dirt and ate and froze tons of zucchini after that. One or two plants still died, maybe I didn’t cover it as well or maybe it had a second borer I missed.

    But the popcorn in my 3 sisters garden looks to have some kind of fungus at the tip of the ears. Will check another few rows of a different popcorn to see how it fared. We have had a little rain but in general it has been dry. Not sure if I can use fungusy popcorn.

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