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We’ve been house-hunting for a while, trying to find a place to rent with good internet and an office space. Yesterday we went and checked out a house with our real estate agent. Before we went, we prayed as a family for God to reveal what He wanted for us.

The house we checked out just didn’t work for multiple reasons, but as we left we were near the post office so Rachel said I should go check the mail since I was there.

I figured why not, so I went inside and said hi to the postmistress and a female customer. The postmistress asked how I was and I said we were house hunting. The customer said to me, “oh yes? The lady I work for has some place for rent. Give me your number.”

I did, figuring it was probably a crummy apartment or something. I’ve been a little burned while hunting, but I guessed it wouldn’t hurt.

About ten minutes later I get a call from the landlady, inviting us to come on over and check out a house she had for rent. So we did. Turns out it’s a 3/2, with air conditioning (rare here), a big wraparound porch and a nice view of the ocean, a big kitchen with a full-size fridge and stove, plus furnished. And there’s a room in the back for an office. And the price? $300 less than the last place I thought might maybe work.

The internet there was on, so I did a speed test. 15 TIMES the speed I have now on the download and 5 TIMES the upload speed. Crazy.

We’ve decided to take it. And my children got to see God in action. They were like, “Dad – how did that happen? It was GOD!”


On the down side, I won’t have a yard to garden in so I’m going to have to do container gardening on the porch instead. That’s okay – we live and adapt. Eventually I should be able to buy some land again, then we’ll put in a food forest and some serious garden beds. I’ll just use this opportunity as research for a container gardening book.

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