Planting Vanilla Orchids

planting vanilla orchids

One of my projects this week was planting vanilla orchids:

Pollinating the flowers and processing the vanilla beans will be complicated but I’m going to give it a try. We likely won’t see any blooms for a few years, though – and I may not even live here then, so I’ll have to plant again. Yet I can’t leave well enough alone. I have to plant.

My method of planting vanilla orchids was based on this video:

I admit, I didn’t follow the phases of the moon exactly but still managed to be in the right part. I had the cuttings and needed to plant them. I would have planted them better if it weren’t for the stinging ants that infest organic matter here. They’re nasty. I should have gotten some gloves.

It will be interesting watching the vanilla grow. I’ll share updates.

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  • Glad to hear you’re planting even if you might not be there to harvest. Vanilla beans are one of the most expensive items in the spice aisle, so there is the possibility of helping a future renter make the bills if s/he has the skills.

    When you say you didn’t quite plant by the moon phase, are you referring to the moon sign or just the phase of waxing and waning?

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