The Survival Gardener Book of the Week #6: Push the Zone

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Is it wrong to promote one of my own books?


Because Capitalism is the best “ism” (as my friends at Crypto.Fashion say).

The main reason I’m promoting one of my own books this week is because my publisher has just released it in paperback.

The third book in my “Good Guide” series… Push the Zone: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics can now be purchased in fully compostable paper!

Push the Zone“Have you ever wished you could grow mangoes, coffee, oranges and other delicious tropical plants… but find yourself limited by a less-than-tropical climate? If you long for Key lime pies at Christmas, or homegrown bananas at breakfast, you’re not alone! Expert gardener and mad scientist David The Good fought for years to figure out how grow tropical plants hundreds of miles outside their natural climate range… and he succeeded!

In PUSH THE ZONE: The Good Guide to Growing Tropical Plants Beyond the Tropics, David the Good shares his successes and failures in expanding plant ranges, and equips you with the knowledge you need to add a growing zone or two to your own backyard. Based on original research done in North Florida, PUSH THE ZONE is useful for northern gardeners as well. Discover microclimates in your yard, use the thermal mass of walls to grow impossible plants and uncover growing secrets that will change your entire view of what can grow where!”

Featuring a foreword by Dr. David Francko, the author of PALMS WON’T GROW HERE AND OTHER MYTHS.”


Though Push the Zone doesn’t have the wide appeal of Compost Everything, Grow or Die or even Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening, it was a book I had to write for the hard-core plant geeks. The experimenters. The loonies.

The fun of growing things where “they don’t belong” has compelled me for years and I had much more success than I originally thought was possible.

Yes, you CAN grow coffee in North Florida, citrus in the middle of Georgia and peaches in Canada.

If that sort of thing interests you, pick up your copy here.

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  • Ordered, be here on the 28th. Can’t wait. Well, I can, but you know what I mean. It would be interesting to see what would happen if someone just couldn’t wait. I wonder if spontaneous combustion would weigh in as a factor, like ” I can’t wait” and boom, instant human bio-char. I am calling my wife right now, in case this happens sweety, get a dust pan, sweep me up, and put me in the compost pile so my spontaneously combusted ashes can be charged. I digress, sorry about the odd tangent, once again.

  • Peaches in Colorado? I’ll buy that (and just did).

    Really great stuff you’ve been putting out here, on YouTube, and in book form, David. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, WaterBoy – nice seeing you here. Much appreciated.

      • I’ve been following your gardening sites for the past few years, and dig what you’re doing. I got Compost Everything when it first came out, but all of the Florida gardening books were just a bit outside my zone (5b) to be much use. Even the peaches they grow up in Palisade (zone 7a) looked to be out of reach here, but we’ll see what I can do with this book as a guide.

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