She’s Got the Heart of a Tractor


The lyrics on this new TMBG track are pure art:

somebody’s here on business

shooting mesmeric glances across a crowded bazaar

she’s got a bag of gambits

a scheme wrapped in a blueprint

a quiver filled with desire

the arching brow and the adhesive beauty mole

try though she may she’ll never peel away your soul

you’ve got the heart of a tractor

here comes a stack of handsome six pack of strong and silent

the flowers wilt in his wake

unruminative action undaunted by resistance

the butter meets the hot steak

although he’s seized his pick of all that he surveys

he’s met his match in your uncompromising ways

You’ve got the heart of a tractor

you’ve got the soul of a treadmill and the eye of a merchant marine

the stomach of an arachnid and the spine of a vending machine

you can’t forget the moment you were forever smitten

and brought her home from the vet nourished with milk

in droppers a ball of yarn to play with valet

and use of the jet in spite of all the words of love you want to say

she’ll never answer she just turns her face away

she’s got the heart of a tractor

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