Study: Global Warming Almost Entirely Natural

This doesn’t surprise me at all:

“According to co-author Jennifer Mahorasy – who was behind the recent exposure of the scandal in which Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology was found to be erasing record-breaking low temperatures from its records – global temperature has moved up and down quite naturally for the last 2000 years.

We began by deconstructing the six-proxy series from different geographic regions – series already published in the mainstream climate science literature.  One of these, the Northern Hemisphere composite series begins in 50 AD, ends in the year 2000, and is derived from studies of pollen, lake sediments, stalagmites and boreholes.

Typical of most such temperature series, it zigzags up and down while showing two rising trends: the first peaks about 1200 AD and corresponds with a period known as the Medieval Warm Period (MWP), while the second peaks in 1980 and then shows decline. In between, is the Little Ice Age (LIA), which according to the Northern Hemisphere composite bottomed-out in 1650 AD.  (Of course, the MWP corresponded with a period of generally good harvests in England – when men dressed in tunics and built grand cathedrals with tall spires.  It preceded the LIA when there was famine and the Great Plague of London.)

Up until the 1990s, this was widely accepted by the climate science community. But then came a concerted effort led by alarmists including Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann to erase the Medieval Warming Period from the records. Scientists who argued otherwise – among them Willie Soon and Sallie Balliunas – were harassed for their “incorrect” thinking.

However, the new study would appear to confirm that the skeptics were right all along – and that it’s the alarmists who have some apologizing to do.”

I’ve never bought the Global Warming shtick. When everyone is jumping on a bandwagon, it’s usually going in the wrong direction. The hysteria over climate change has been ridiculous.

Nature has cycles. Heck, there once were palm trees at the south pole.

I’m not worried.

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  • Denier!!!! Heretic!!! You will rue the day when you must answer for your iconoclastic blasphemies before the feet of the almighty dollar.

  • Scrubland Avenger

    SHAME, SHAME, SHHHAAAMMMEEE David the Good. Al Gore wouldn’t lie to us.

  • There are a lot of historical records from many sources on the Arctic sea ice data, extent and volume… really hard to have a conspiracy to fake this…

    Think the famed NorthWest passage… all the doomed explores and the first passage in history being recorded in 2007.

    With the arctic sea ice being drastically reduced in the past two decades commercial shipping in that area has become economically viable. If you have the money they are now offering summer cruises through the now open NorthWest passage. The pictures are stunning.

    The Arctic sea ice data being independently recorded by several government agencies (USA, Denmark, Japan, Russia) using various methods… all show the same trend lines in sea ice volume and extent.

    It takes 70 calories to melt one gram of ice.. turn it into water…. that is a lot of extra energy going into melting the ice at the North pole (given the rapid decline of sea ice in the past several decades)…. Now consider that it takes 1 calories to raise one gram of water one degree C…. The trend on the Arctic sea ice data is that we will have our first Arctic Ice free summer in the not so distant future . Almost every winter the sea ice extent and volume is less then the one before.

    So, when we have our first ice free arctic summer what do you think is going to happen to those extra calories of energy that don’t have anymore ice to melt??????

    Those 70 extra calories used to melt one gram of ice would now heat that gram of water to 70 deg c, water boils at 100 deg c…… of course it will also heat the air….

    Do you understand the relationship between the cold air temperatures at the poles, the hot equator, and the jet stream (think predictable weather patterns that allows us to grow food in the manner humans have throughout history)? (Hadley Cells…..)

    As I am writing this I am watching Harvey sit over Texas…. looks like it will be more or less stationary for the next 4-5days!!!!!… it is not moving because there are no “steering upper air currents (no jet stream at that location at this time)” to move the storm…. normally when storms hit land at this point they usually start to track North and east… thanks to the jet stream…… I wonder if Texas will get historical record breaking rainfalls in the next few days? We shall see.

    I was taught was that God gave us free will, he gave us a brain and the ability to think critically, He made people God’s stewards of the land, the earth…..AND the ability to suffer the consequences from our actions …

    or has John Wayne once said…

    “If you are going to be stupid you had better be tough.”

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