Survival Cordage from Common Trash Items


Bob Hansler shares how to make survival cordage from aluminum cans, plastic bags, soda bottles and even a traffic cone – check this out:

I interviewed Bob a few months ago for a post on desert survival over at He’s a sharp guy. He also needs our prayers, as his eyesight failed rapidly near the end of last year and he’s in the midst of a series of surgeries and recuperation as doctors try to keep him from complete blindness.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel, too – he’s worth watching. And if you’d like to donate towards his medical bills, you can do so here.

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  • You might mention the bottle top you had leftover can be used as a closer on a plastic or cloth bag of food or any other bagged items that have been opened. (dried beans, rice, crackers, chips, bread, back pack bagged food, sauces or bagged supplies). Pull the open end of the food bag through the cap hole in the leftover bottle end…spread the open end plastic down over the screw “nozzle put the cap back on over the plastic and it’s air tight and sealed until you take the cap back off. Also, you can strip the can down with scissors to make it more even…but I can see tearing would be a good option if you didn’t have any tools.

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